What I Do...

    I am a Adventure Educator. I specialize in natural history and interpretation. The lessons I teach are centered around being comfortable in the outdoors, developing community among groups, and understanding the environment that surrounds us. I am a strong believer in the idea that there are only two things people can control; their thoughts and their actions. By keeping your state of mind in "control" or keeping yourself grounded to what you truly believe and feel, people can live more productive and happier lives. Also by controlling your actions towards others people can find a happier and more productive ways to live. This focus on self-control and self-realization helps to build identity and confidence in ones ability to live independently but still surround oneself with positive and supportive people. This is often seen as a "come what may" attitude though I prefer to see it as a way of putting things in a positive light in order to see things in the best way possible or seeing opportunity in calamity and finding success even after failures.

    My experience in the outdoors, my education, and experience with corporate groups makes me uniquely qualified to help people find themselves and their place in a group. I would never claim to know where you should be or how one should be have but I know how to guide you to finding out for yourself.